January News

Feb. 19 – DC Independent Film Festival – the filmmakers will be on hand. The film closes the festival on Feb. 23, Sunday, with live music afterwards: The Wild Anacostias.


Jan. 30 – the film played at the Rotterdam, Netherlands, International Film Festival in their Scopitone Cafe. We heard from various sources that it was a big success. We wish we’d been able to attend. One blogger posted that before the film he was kind of in a bland mood, represented by bland photos he was taking of stair cases in the theatre, but afterwards he started taking pictures of bright colorful lights and cheerful subject. “Your brain on THIS AIN’T NO….”

Jan. 21 – Chris and Maureen headed to Cajun country for the Louisiana premiere of THIS AIN’T NO MOUSE MUSIC at the Cinema on the Bayou Film Festival. The Festival is a unique Francophone festival with films from the area, as well as French Canada and Franc. We walked away with the Best Feature Documentary prize! We are duking it out over the prize – a wonderful a folk arty catfish sculpture. Ann Savoy, Michael Savoy and Wilson Savoy performed after the film, which closed out the festival, and folks were dancing in the aisles. We also experienced a rare ice and snow storm in southwest Louisiana!